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1337 Nicholas Larkin - Gregory Mail Sydney University Cricket ClubFirst Grade3 1 Manly-Warringah
2330 William Affleck - Nicholas Bertus Parramatta District Cricket ClubFirst Grade3 1 Western Suburbs
3220 Jonathan Whealing - Andrew Harriott Northern District Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Penrith
4234 Chris Williams - Jamie Brown Sutherland Cricket ClubFirst Grade3 1 Campbelltown-Camden
5292 Varun George - Tom Mooney Mosman Cricket ClubSecond Grade5 1 Northern District
6179 Nicholas Johns - Russell Wilcoxon Fairfield-Liverpool Cricket ClubSecond Grade5 1 Campbelltown-Camden
7183 Patrick Pisel - Daniel Donaldson Mosman Cricket ClubFirst Grade12 1 Randwick Petersham
8136 Jonathan Rose - Nathan Ellis St George Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Fairfield-Liverpool
9129 Kyle Brockley - Jake Wilson Sutherland Cricket ClubFirst Grade11 1 Parramatta
10128 Mason Crane - Matthew Junk Gordon Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Sydney University

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