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1268 Ryan Hackney - Ryan Gibson Penrith Cricket ClubFirst Grade9 1 UTS North Sydney
2323 Ryan Hackney - Ryan Gibson Penrith Cricket ClubFirst Grade3 1 Hawkesbury
3265 Ben Davis - Scott Rodgie Northern District Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Campbelltown-Camden
4283 Liam Robertson - Tim Cummins Sydney University Cricket ClubFirst Grade8 1 Northern District
5234 Zach Johns - Evan Pitt Parramatta District Cricket ClubThird Grade3 1 St George
6184 Chris Lloyd - Jacob Graham UTS North Sydney Cricket ClubThird Grade3 1 Mosman
7176 Joshua Porter - Rahul Krishna Gordon Cricket ClubFourth Grade4 1 Campbelltown-Camden
8201 Jack Attenborough - Jake Greenberg University of NSW Cricket ClubPoidevin-Gray Shield2 1 St George
9155 Patrick Braithwaite - Dewashish Adhikari Western Suburbs Cricket ClubFifth Grade8 1 Sutherland
10134 Jack Remond - Thomas Skelly Eastern Suburbs Cricket ClubSecond Grade4 1 Manly-Warringah

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