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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeAW Green ShieldPoidevin-Gray ShieldKingsgrove Sports Twenty20 CupFirst Grade Limited-Overs CupFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeAW Green ShieldPoidevin-Gray ShieldKingsgrove Sports Twenty20 CupFirst Grade Limited-Overs Cup
Abbasi, BilalRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000400000000400
Abbott, BenParramatta District Cricket Club900000050900000050
Abdul, RaheemCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000130000000130000
Abdullah, MohsinHawkesbury Cricket Club000300000000300000
Abraham, Joel KWestern Suburbs Cricket Club900000000900000000
Adams, NickPenrith Cricket Club090000000090000000
Adhikari, DewashishWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000000010000
Adlam, Anthony JMosman Cricket Club730000010730000010
Affleck, TimRandwick Petersham Cricket Club900000020900000020
Affleck, William JRandwick Petersham Cricket Club900000040900000040
Agalgaonkar, Prathamesh AWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000020000000020000
Agrawal, KabirUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000000010000
Ahluwalia, NikhilSydney Cricket Club030000400030000400
Ahmad, Arsalan SSydney Cricket Club000010000000010000
Ahmed, AdilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000300000000300000
Ahmed, AdilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000000010000
Ahmed, HammadUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000500000000500000
Ahmed, ZeeshaanBankstown Cricket Club900000450900000450
Ahuja, HemishHawkesbury Cricket Club000040000000040000
Aitken, GlennUTS North Sydney Cricket Club090000000090000000
Aitken, JamesUTS North Sydney Cricket Club520000000520000000
Aitken, RobertUTS North Sydney Cricket Club540000050540000050
Alam, RahidBankstown Cricket Club000400000000400000
Aldridge, JulianHawkesbury Cricket Club004000000004000000
Alexander, MatthewUTS North Sydney Cricket Club720000050720000050
Alexander, Raymond DUTS North Sydney Cricket Club090000000090000000
Alexander, SamUTS North Sydney Cricket Club090000040090000040
Ali, BasitBankstown Cricket Club023000000023000000
********Randwick Petersham Cricket Club000200100000200100
Ali, JehangirWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000000100000
Ali, MuhammadWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000210000000210000
Ali, QasimMosman Cricket Club000040000000040000
Ali, ZainBankstown Cricket Club003000000003000000
Alleyn, Daniel ANorthern District Cricket Club090000410090000410
Allington, RileyFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club720000460720000460
Allison, Kobe SUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001300400001300400
Almond, JoelSutherland District Cricket Club022000000022000000
Amos, NicholasSutherland District Cricket Club090000410090000410
Anandarajah, SanjaySydney University Cricket Club001300400001300400
Anderson, Daniel ANorthern District Cricket Club450000020450000020
Anderson, EthanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000400000000400000
Anderson, John HNorthern District Cricket Club270000000270000000
Anderson, Kain BSydney Cricket Club900000350900000350
Anderson, LachlanSydney University Cricket Club000010000000010000
Anderson, NathanSt George Cricket Club000400000000400000
Andreou, NicholasGordon Cricket Club002200000002200000
Andrews, CraigWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000020000000020000
Anjum, RehanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club090000000090000000
Ansell, LewisSydney University Cricket Club000400000000400000
Antaw, DeakinRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000000010000