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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeAW Green ShieldPoidevin-Gray ShieldKingsgrove Sports Twenty20 CupFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeAW Green ShieldPoidevin-Gray ShieldKingsgrove Sports Twenty20 Cup
Abbasi, BilalBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club0024000000240000
Abbott, BenParramatta District Cricket Club100000006100000006
Abdul, RaheemCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club0450000004500000
Abdullah, MohsinHawkesbury Cricket Club0002000000020000
Abela, Bailey JCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club0000070000000700
Acret, DanielSt George Cricket Club0000400000004000
Adam, Matthew WRandwick Petersham Cricket Club0000300000003000
Adams, NickPenrith Cricket Club100000005100000005
Adhikari, DewashishWestern Suburbs Cricket Club0420001004200010
Adhikari, ShashwatGordon Cricket Club0000100000001000
Adhikari, UtsabBankstown Cricket Club0000600000006000
Adlam, Will SMosman Cricket Club0040070000400700
Affleck, TimRandwick Petersham Cricket Club2000000120000001
Affleck, William JRandwick Petersham Cricket Club9000000090000000
Agrawal, KabirUniversity of NSW Cricket Club0004100000041000
Ahluwalia, NikhilSydney Cricket Club8100005381000053
Ahmadi, Mohammad JavedWestern Suburbs Cricket Club7100000571000005
Ahmed, AdilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club0035000000350000
Ahmed, AdilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club0010000000100000
Ahmed, HammadUniversity of NSW Cricket Club0170000001700000
Ahmed, ZeeshaanBankstown Cricket Club9100005591000055
Ahuja, HemishHawkesbury Cricket Club0016000000160000
Airey, ScottSt George Cricket Club0005200000052000
Aitken, GlennUTS North Sydney Cricket Club010000000010000000
Aitken, JamesUTS North Sydney Cricket Club7300000073000000
Aitken, RobertUTS North Sydney Cricket Club100000005100000005
Akhurst, WilliamManly-Warringah Cricket Club0001000000010000
Akle, SebastianParramatta District Cricket Club0000170000001700
Alam, RahidBankstown Cricket Club0043000000430000
Alexander, MatthewUTS North Sydney Cricket Club100000005100000005
Alexander, Raymond DUTS North Sydney Cricket Club1900000019000000
Alexander, SamUTS North Sydney Cricket Club6400000564000005
Ali, BasitRandwick Petersham Cricket Club3600000136000001
Ali, HaiderBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club0000100000001000
Ali, IrfanGordon Cricket Club0004200000042000
Ali, MuhammadWestern Suburbs Cricket Club0008000000080000
Ali, NoumanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club0060000000600000
Ali, ZainBankstown Cricket Club0015000000150000
Allen, JackSydney Cricket Club0000800000008000
Allen, Nicholas OUniversity of NSW Cricket Club0000070000000700
Allen, WilliamMosman Cricket Club0002270000022700
Alleyn, Daniel ANorthern District Cricket Club0600005006000050
Allison, Kobe SUTS North Sydney Cricket Club2700000427000004
Almond, JoelSutherland District Cricket Club0900000009000000
Amadio, MichaelBankstown Cricket Club0000060000000600
Amos, NickSutherland District Cricket Club0330000003300000
Anandarajah, SanjaySydney University Cricket Club0800005008000050
Anderson, Charlie FNorthern District Cricket Club010000051010000051
Anderson, Daniel ANorthern District Cricket Club7300000573000005
Anderson, EdwardSt George Cricket Club0000490000004900