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Matches Played

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First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
AW Green Shield
Poidevin-Gray Shield
Kingsgrove Sports Twenty20 Cup
First Grade Limited-Overs Cup
1 Christian, Daniel TUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
2 Nevill, Peter MEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
3 Bird, AaronBankstown Cricket Club000000010
4 Beadle, AhillenManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
5 Wark, StephenSt George Cricket Club000100000
6 Hayes, WarwickSt George Cricket Club000010000
7 Holmes, MichaelSutherland District Cricket Club001000000
8 Heaton, FabianRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
9 Hunter, Dylan JGordon Cricket Club000000010
10 Newton, MatthewBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000000
11 Holland, ThomasRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
12 Miller, Joshua SNorthern District Cricket Club001000000
13 Williams, BrentPenrith Cricket Club000000010
14 Newton, JamesBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
15 Bayliss, AdamPenrith Cricket Club000000010
16 Tareen, WaqasBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
17 Walsh, AndrewSt George Cricket Club000000010
18 Balgowan, Kaine PPenrith Cricket Club001000000
19 Balgowan, Brock PPenrith Cricket Club001000000
20 Hodges, LukePenrith Cricket Club000000010
21 Powell, Samuel CEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
22 O'Keefe, Stephen NManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
23 Forrest, Peter JMosman Cricket Club000000010
24 Burke, Jarrad NFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
25 Coyte, ScottRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
26 Aitken, RobertUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000010
27 Merchant, CameronManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
28 Eskinazi, Stephen SSydney Cricket Club000000010
29 Affleck, William JRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
30 Fletcher, RyanPenrith Cricket Club000000010
31 Dempsey, LukeParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
32 Armstrong, Timothy JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
33 Tremain, Christopher PUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
34 De Silva, RavinRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
35 Eldridge, JacksonRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
36 Tsoukalas, Nikolas GUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
37 Stewart, JoshuaEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
38 Sidney, Damian LRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
39 Deacon, JamesEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
40 Roach, Jack PUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
41 Robson, Angus JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
42 Larkin, NicholasSydney University Cricket Club000000010
43 Ralston, Jason TRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
44 Sellers, DrewUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
45 Daly, JordanManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
46 Alexander, SamUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000010
47 Quinn, MichaelEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
48 Vumbaca, IsaiahManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000110
49 Webber, SamManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
50 Bariol, AidenUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000110
51 Geraghty, Fionn PUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
52 Law, Mitchell TUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
53 Murdita, JayaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
54 Brewster, MatthewManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000100
55 Hole, EdmundManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000100
56 Archer, GlynManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
57 Hole, SamuelManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
58 Wheeler, DominicManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
59 Liddiard, TyranPenrith Cricket Club000000010
60 Coleman, JasonParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
61 Trewartha, ZachManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
62 Polglase, Luke AHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
63 Burton, AdamPenrith Cricket Club001000000
64 Lindsay, PatrickUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
65 Shaikh, Samad KSydney Cricket Club000010000
66 Miles, MurraySydney University Cricket Club000010000
67 Park, Jayden DMosman Cricket Club000000010
68 Sarkies, MatthewEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
69 Maxwell, OliverEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
70 Bryant, BenjaminManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
71 Coutts, Jameson JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
72 Gavan, Joshua PUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
73 Holloway, DugaldSydney University Cricket Club000000010
74 Remond, JackEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
75 White, Declan OUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000000
76 Simpson, WillEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
77 Stenmark, FinnbarEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100100
78 Smith, LukeUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
79 Wigney, JoshuaManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
80 Marlin, TimFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
81 Graham, Jacob DUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
82 Shelton, LukeMosman Cricket Club000000010
83 McLean, Brandon JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
84 Doyle, NathanGordon Cricket Club000000110
85 Ridley, Chris MBankstown Cricket Club001000000
86 Sams, AnthonyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
87 Hopkins, MatthewSt George Cricket Club000000010
88 Gummer, AdamManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
89 Eales, Elijah AMosman Cricket Club001000000
90 Hannell, HarryGordon Cricket Club001000000
91 Barnet, NedSydney University Cricket Club000100100
92 Hackney, RyanPenrith Cricket Club000000010
93 Myburgh-Sisam, DamonPenrith Cricket Club000010000
94 Weir, TrentPenrith Cricket Club000000100
95 O'Sullivan, JacobManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000100
96 Grant, Samuel DPenrith Cricket Club001000000
97 Robinson, Ian BMosman Cricket Club000010000
98 Davies, OliverManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000110
99 Bain, AlexanderManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
100 Morley, MarkEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
101 Furrer, George WNorthern District Cricket Club000000010
102 Hearne, LachlanMosman Cricket Club000000110
103 Brazel, PeterSydney University Cricket Club000010100
104 Calov, William JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
105 Spratt, ChrisUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
106 Cincotta, Jack JNorthern District Cricket Club001000000
107 Hardwicke-Owen, JackUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000100
108 Pandelis, AndrewSt George Cricket Club000100000
109 Veitch, JamesSydney University Cricket Club000100000
110 Taylor, NicholasEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
111 Fletcher, MichaelGordon Cricket Club001000000
112 Crofts, Aaron MUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
113 Gyngell, MarcusGordon Cricket Club000010000
114 Perry, AlexanderUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
115 Fisher, Benjamin ANorthern District Cricket Club000100000
116 Soper, Chad ANorthern District Cricket Club000000010
117 Felsch, Ryan ESydney Cricket Club000000010
118 Williams, ChrisSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
119 Bilimoria, JehanBankstown Cricket Club000100000
120 Thompsett, Christopher JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
121 Balbi, SolUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
122 Bekis, JamieGordon Cricket Club000000010
123 Frost, BrodieMosman Cricket Club001000000
124 Wilkinson, Andrew MSydney University Cricket Club000100000
125 Read, SimonGordon Cricket Club001000000
126 Anderson, Kain BSydney Cricket Club000000110
127 Melville, Phil ANorthern District Cricket Club000100000
128 Clift, ConorGordon Cricket Club000100000
129 van der Merwe, BenUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
130 Alexander, MatthewUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000010
131 Taylor, Matthew ANorthern District Cricket Club000100000
132 Witherly, PaulSt George Cricket Club000010000
133 Atherton, Brent SUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000010
134 McClintock, Beau RSydney Cricket Club000000010
135 Fullagar, Hamish WNorthern District Cricket Club001000000
136 Dunlop, HamishEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
137 Stewart, LachlanUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
138 Watts, Murray JSydney University Cricket Club001000000
139 Ford, Lachlan JNorthern District Cricket Club001000000
140 Osborne, JakeManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100100
141 McAndrew, Nathan JBankstown Cricket Club000000010
142 Ronson, Ben JMosman Cricket Club001000100
143 Richards, Ethan JSydney Cricket Club000100000
144 Bentvelzen, JacksonParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
145 Farley, ZackPenrith Cricket Club000100000
146 Gray, Toby WNorthern District Cricket Club000000110
147 Webber, Max JManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
148 Johnson, Richard GNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
149 Caston, FlynnPenrith Cricket Club000100000
150 Doddrell, LiamPenrith Cricket Club000100110
151 Heath, ElliotPenrith Cricket Club000000100
152 O'Keefe, ToddCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
153 Peddle, SimonCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
154 Edwards, JackManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000110
155 Claridge, JoshuaGordon Cricket Club000000100
156 Hook, Lachlan JNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
157 Byrnes, Thomas AUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000110
158 Kwok, Cameron PHawkesbury Cricket Club000000100
159 Mellick, Joshua MRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000100
160 Flannigan, LukaMosman Cricket Club000000110
161 Mullins, KelRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000100
162 Qureshi, BilalHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
163 Smith, Blake TCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000100
164 Parker, FlynnSutherland District Cricket Club000000100
165 Hassan, Suffan UUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
166 Hynes, TobyWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
167 Rush, John WWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
168 Smith, Daniel LSydney Cricket Club000000010
169 Felton, Tom RNorthern District Cricket Club000000010
170 Jayasekera, Kieran NUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
171 O'Connell, JacobSutherland District Cricket Club001000100
172 O'Beirne, Ryan JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
173 Van Den Nieuwboer, Aidan JHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
174 Saggers, JacksonGordon Cricket Club000000010
175 Kiely, Nathan GSydney Cricket Club000100000
176 Clarke, Joshua AWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
177 Cummins, Tim PSydney University Cricket Club000000010
178 Dent, DanielPenrith Cricket Club000100000
179 Finemore, Taran GPenrith Cricket Club000100000
180 Lalor, Joshua KPenrith Cricket Club000000010
181 Lyon, Brock SGordon Cricket Club000010000
182 Summers, AaronMosman Cricket Club000000010
183 Ho, MichaelParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
184 Sidhu, AlexEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
185 Taucher, JacobEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
186 Doran, Luke AFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
187 Marshall, Daniel JFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
188 Starr, MatthewFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
189 Kherkhah, Abdul Hameed HHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
190 Rose, MattHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
191 Carden, JakeManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
192 Mckay, Dale JHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
193 Liso, Connor JHawkesbury Cricket Club000000000
194 Ahmed, ZeeshaanBankstown Cricket Club000000110
195 Willmore, LachlanSt George Cricket Club001000100
196 Le Bas, BenBankstown Cricket Club000000010
197 Carr, Daniel JBankstown Cricket Club000010000
198 Wijewardene, NiranBankstown Cricket Club001000000
199 Layton, KobyBankstown Cricket Club001000000
200 Garg, TushaarSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
201 Kouventaris, AlexBankstown Cricket Club001000000
202 Moors, JoshuaSt George Cricket Club000000110
203 Hewitt, LiamBankstown Cricket Club000100000
204 Anderson, NathanSt George Cricket Club000100000
205 Chant, BadenCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
206 Green, JustinSutherland District Cricket Club000000100
207 Solway, DanielBankstown Cricket Club000000010
208 Harris, Jack RNorthern District Cricket Club001000100
209 Elliot, RossRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
210 Kashyap, PratulyaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
211 Calder, Matthew JMosman Cricket Club000000110
212 Madala, Chaitanya CParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
213 Hemadri, NeeravBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
214 Cutler, Nicholas JWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
215 Larance, BrockCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000110
216 Coelho, LiamSydney University Cricket Club000100000
217 Mills, JiCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
218 Manenti, Louis CSydney Cricket Club000010000
219 Colgan, TomMosman Cricket Club000000100
220 Fisher, Lachlan PNorthern District Cricket Club000000100
221 Naganayagam, JayllenGordon Cricket Club001000100
222 Di Blasio, Craig ASydney Cricket Club000000010
223 Lenton, Jay SManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
224 Monaghan, DavidGordon Cricket Club000100000
225 Hayward, Jason ANorthern District Cricket Club001000000
226 Tonkin, Dominic PSydney Cricket Club001000000
227 Meaker, SeamusSydney Cricket Club000100000
228 Sachs, ReubenRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000100
229 Gilkes, Matthew RUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
230 Roughan, BenHawkesbury Cricket Club000000100
231 Bent, DylanBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000000
232 Simonsen, OwenParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
233 Baldwin, ScottHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
234 Earl, Isaac BParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
235 Reicher, ThomasGordon Cricket Club000010000
236 Sammut, Jonathon CCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000010
237 Srivastava, RaveeshFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
238 Rodgie, Scott ANorthern District Cricket Club000000010
239 Holmes, JakeUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
240 Apps, Daniel PMosman Cricket Club001000000
241 Crawford, Dean JMosman Cricket Club000000010
242 Dalton, Harry JMosman Cricket Club000000010
243 Lowery, David ANorthern District Cricket Club000000010
244 Zwinkels, Flynn TMosman Cricket Club000100000
245 Indap, RohanUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000100
246 O'Neill, Patrick NCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
247 Mosca, JustinSydney Cricket Club000000010
248 Manenti, Benjamin ASydney Cricket Club000000010
249 Mosca, Anthony JSydney Cricket Club000000010
250 Harrison, MitchellBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
251 Chandler-Evans, Oliver RMosman Cricket Club000010000
252 Tracey, BenjaminPenrith Cricket Club000000100
253 Chalker, KurtSt George Cricket Club000000100
254 Russo, RorySt George Cricket Club001000100
255 McKenzie, ThomasSt George Cricket Club000000010
256 Draca, Thomas JBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000100
257 Carew, Dayle HUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
258 Chalker, BryceSt George Cricket Club000010000
259 Gomez, AlexanderFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
260 Holt, Baxter JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000110
261 Low, TravisBankstown Cricket Club000100000
262 Ohrynowsky, Luke PFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
263 O'Loughlin, MitchellRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000100
264 Ward, MatthewParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
265 Bateup, NicholasParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
266 Griffith, CharliePenrith Cricket Club000010000
267 McNaught, LukeParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
268 Philip, AustinHawkesbury Cricket Club000000100
269 Napier, Brendan JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
270 Kenworthy, BlakeSt George Cricket Club000100000
271 Jacobs, LachlanHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
272 Hatcher, Liam CFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
273 Pigadas, PeterFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
274 Gibson, RyanPenrith Cricket Club000100000
275 Charles, LachlanManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
276 McGregor, JoelMosman Cricket Club001000000
277 Thanos, ChrisEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
278 Iemma, MatthewSt George Cricket Club001000000
279 Dallaway, JamesParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
280 Bartier, LukeSt George Cricket Club000000010
281 Newport, BlakeSt George Cricket Club000100000
282 Flynn-Duncombe, Kain TBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000000
283 Farquharson, MarcusHawkesbury Cricket Club000000110
284 Hadley, RyanManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
285 Sheehan, LaurenceMosman Cricket Club000010000
286 Haider, Naba-Allah SParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
287 Kirk, Henry ESydney Cricket Club000000100
288 Cormack, JakeBankstown Cricket Club000000010
289 Sammut, ChadFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
290 Clissold, MaxBankstown Cricket Club001000000
291 Towerton, JoeySt George Cricket Club000010000
292 Meroni, OliverSydney Cricket Club001000000
293 Kennedy, MichaelSt George Cricket Club000010000
294 Dedes, MatthewBankstown Cricket Club001000000
295 Kennedy, ThomasSt George Cricket Club000100000
296 Kumar, SohanSt George Cricket Club000100000
297 Simmons, JaydynFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
298 Middleton, CameronBankstown Cricket Club000000100
299 Isakka, JacksonCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000110
300 Campbell, JoshuaCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000100
301 Courtney, LukeCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000010
302 Browne, JordanPenrith Cricket Club000000010
303 Johnston, LochlanFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
304 Hardy, BrentCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000110
305 Clark, RyanBankstown Cricket Club000000100
306 Foster, Joel WManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000110
307 Appleton, NicholasCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000110
308 Debono, EthanBankstown Cricket Club000000110
309 Passlow, ConnorCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
310 Kennedy, JesseCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
311 McKenzie, LachlanGordon Cricket Club001000000
312 Marshall, LiamBankstown Cricket Club000000110
313 Allington, RileyFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000110
314 Iqbal, Rayeed AFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
315 Baker, NathanFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000110
316 Cahlin, Axel MNorthern District Cricket Club000000010
317 Lakshmanarajah, VarunParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
318 Weerasooriya, PraneethHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
319 Somaiya, Utkarsh NNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
320 Maitra, AnirbanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000100
321 Kumanan, AthybanUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
322 Chauhan, AnnayUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000100
323 Anderson, Daniel ANorthern District Cricket Club000000010
324 Blue, CampbellParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
325 Narain, SrivathsNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
326 Rana, ShivrajGordon Cricket Club001000000
327 Shoaib, TahaWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
328 Whyte, NuwanUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000100
329 Loxton, TravisSydney Cricket Club000100000
330 Rana, UmairHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
331 Patel, YashNorthern District Cricket Club001000100
332 Baruah, AnshulUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
333 Krishna, RahulGordon Cricket Club001000000
334 Ratnam, DashSydney University Cricket Club001000100
335 Rose, CharlieUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
336 Brown, YusofParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
337 Lloyd, ChrisUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
338 Gorham, Benjamin LWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
339 Singh, EknoorBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
340 Thorat, DhruvaUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
341 Miller, Corey DNorthern District Cricket Club000000100
342 Plummer, JustinFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
343 Vodnik, Adam SFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
344 Jenkins, MacUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000110
345 Reynolds, Tim LUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000110
346 Connolly, RyanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
347 Parthenis, AlexanderSt George Cricket Club001000000
348 Rizme, RashadSydney Cricket Club001000000
349 Selvaratnam, RaghavanUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
350 Bertus, NicholasParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
351 Calvert, AndrewParramatta District Cricket Club000000100
352 Goulstone, HaydenParramatta District Cricket Club000000110
353 Padhye, RushiFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
354 Gillies, LiamParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
355 Giumelli, PaulParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
356 Bristow, StephenGordon Cricket Club000010000
357 Joseph, GabrielParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
358 Chowdhury, Fidah WUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
359 Astridge, Nick MGordon Cricket Club000100000
360 Green, Hamish MNorthern District Cricket Club001000000
361 Coles, AndyEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
362 Coles, MatthewEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
363 Doolan, AshleyMosman Cricket Club000000010
364 Thomas, JackUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
365 Walsh, Bennett JSydney University Cricket Club001000000
366 Ahluwalia, NikhilSydney Cricket Club000000100
367 Crayn, Mitchell WNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
368 Farquharson, HugoMosman Cricket Club000000100
369 Maxwell, Lachlan ASydney Cricket Club000010000
370 Nevell, JohnUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
371 Sidhu, AdamSydney University Cricket Club000000100
372 Brett, Jarod AHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
373 O'Riordan, ConnorRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
374 Bradshaw, BenjaminHawkesbury Cricket Club001000100
375 Bills, Nicholas DSydney Cricket Club000000010
376 Frei, MarkSydney Cricket Club001000000
377 Andreou, NicholasGordon Cricket Club000100000
378 Giacometti, William JNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
379 Fullagar, Jordan WNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
380 Wright, MatthewGordon Cricket Club000000110
381 DiBartolo, John MBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
382 Mortimer, DamienSydney University Cricket Club000000010
383 Tyler, Kevin SParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
384 Semple, AdamRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
385 Govekar, CyrusBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
386 Laing, DeanHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
387 Simons, Stephen BHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
388 Vella, BrendonPenrith Cricket Club000010000
389 Williams, Matthew SHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
390 Rockwell, MitchPenrith Cricket Club000100000
391 Clark, LawsonCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
392 Dodd, Benham ECampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
393 Strong, Michael KCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
394 Alleyn, Daniel ANorthern District Cricket Club000000100
395 Elliott, ThomasMosman Cricket Club001000100
396 Stapleton, NicholasSt George Cricket Club000000010
397 Mizzi, RyanHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
398 Mizzi, ConnorHawkesbury Cricket Club000000100
399 Shields, Ethan JHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
400 Kate, AryanFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
401 Wheeler, JaydenHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
402 Finkelstein, AdamUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
403 Jagot, Thomas AUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000010
404 Bowcock, Daniel SUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
405 Pathak, ShivanshCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000100
406 McTaggart, AngusNorthern District Cricket Club000000100
407 Taylor, Isaac WWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
408 Rapisarda, DamianSydney Cricket Club000100000
409 Robertson, Liam SSydney University Cricket Club000000010
410 Toyer, Joshua ISydney University Cricket Club001000000
411 Salzmann, WilliamCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000110
412 Carruthers, NickBankstown Cricket Club000000010
413 Singh, DayaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
414 Titterton, Quincy LGordon Cricket Club000000010
415 Cowan, AshSydney University Cricket Club000100000
416 Hill, Jack WSydney University Cricket Club001000000
417 Langdon, Jake LCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
418 Blaxall-Hill, ConnorWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000110
419 Hands, Darryl EWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
420 Webb, LukeCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000010
421 Whittingham, NathanSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
422 Barnsley, LachlanGordon Cricket Club000000110
423 Zafiropoulos, SpirosSydney Cricket Club000010000
424 Green, Chris JNorthern District Cricket Club000000010
425 Abbott, BenParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
426 Copperfield, ScottParramatta District Cricket Club000000010
427 Cheung, Alex MWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
428 Park, Andrew JGordon Cricket Club000010000
429 Kashyap, Vivek NUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
430 Fleming, Mitchell AWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
431 Sharma, PrakharSydney University Cricket Club000010000
432 Breen, Nathan ASydney Cricket Club000100000
433 Almond, JoelSutherland District Cricket Club001000000
434 Arnold, JamesSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
435 Biviano, JarrydSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
436 Doyle, TomSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
437 Driscoll, PatSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
438 Dwarshuis, BenSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
439 Fallins, DanielSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
440 Hawksworth, JamesSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
441 Hawksworth, LukeSutherland District Cricket Club000000110
442 Ho, Gavin TUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
443 McLean, Hayden CUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
444 Vandermaal, WillSutherland District Cricket Club001000000
445 Whatley, AdamCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000010
446 Newman, MaxGordon Cricket Club000000010
447 Atallah, Marcus AEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
448 Melnyk, Anthony BBankstown Cricket Club000010000
449 Salkeld, Andrew KWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
450 Crawford, ThomasSydney University Cricket Club000010000
451 Panayotopoulos, BenSt George Cricket Club001000100
452 Hope, MaxSydney University Cricket Club000000010
453 Ward, RhysBankstown Cricket Club001000000
454 Cook, ConnorGordon Cricket Club000000100
455 Uppal, ParamFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
456 Whiting, James IBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
457 Gauci, JordanBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
458 Sandhu, HarmonBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
459 Chattree, ZaneFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
460 Rauf, Hassan MBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
461 Sultan, SayemRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
462 Beattie, Lachlan JSydney Cricket Club001000100
463 Lee-Young, HarrisonMosman Cricket Club000010000
464 Prendergast, JarynParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
465 Hardy, JakeUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000110
466 Workman, JacobParramatta District Cricket Club000000110
467 Cheema, JaskaranGordon Cricket Club000000010
468 McDean, CoreyWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000110
469 Crawford, TymGordon Cricket Club000000010
470 McKee, BlaiseWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
471 Knox, BenjaminUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000100
472 May, FletcherUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100100
473 Sharma, AshleyWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
474 Patterson, BenCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000010
475 Kerr, HaydenSydney University Cricket Club000000010
476 Preddey, JackEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
477 Frendo, Cameron NFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
478 Engelbrecht, TomSt George Cricket Club000000010
479 Ansell, LewisSydney University Cricket Club000100000
480 Burkhart, Peter AWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
481 Bayliss, JoshSydney Cricket Club000100000
482 McFadden, William RNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
483 Weston, AlistairNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
484 Telfer, ClaytonPenrith Cricket Club001000000
485 Jesuthasan, Daniel RUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
486 Khan, SibghatWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
487 Sherriff, Hugh TSydney Cricket Club000000100
488 Shaw, Lachlan DNorthern District Cricket Club000000110
489 Greenberg, Jake LUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000100
490 Bennett, ChristianSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
491 Robinson, MichaelSydney University Cricket Club001000100
492 Campbell, JamesUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000010
493 Lucas, CurtisHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
494 Psarakis, James GWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
495 Ayre, RileyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
496 Smith, BrentanFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000100
497 Noack, Fraser JUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
498 Singleton, AdamSt George Cricket Club001000000
499 Andrews, CraigWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
500 Coombs, AdamRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
501 Swain, Ryan ANorthern District Cricket Club001000100
502 Naqvi, AwadFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000100
503 Bloomfield, Djali MUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
504 Nassif, MicahSydney Cricket Club000010000
505 Badrous, Jeffrey LSydney Cricket Club000100000
506 Aslam, Ali HCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
507 Kapila, AniketHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
508 Ford, LachlanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
509 Salian, AndrewCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
510 Robertson, Hayden MGordon Cricket Club000100000
511 Chapman, TomGordon Cricket Club000000100
512 Brown, HarrisonSt George Cricket Club000010000
513 Verma, HunarBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000110
514 Ganesh, RaveenSydney University Cricket Club000000100
515 Ryder, BradleyParramatta District Cricket Club000100100
516 Nisbet, JackSydney Cricket Club000000100
517 Abbasi, BilalRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000100
518 Sadanandan, Nathan EFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
519 Broome, Ky DManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
520 Cohen, NickManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
521 Ahuja, HemishHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
522 Kells, AidenPenrith Cricket Club000010000
523 Murphy, JacobCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
524 Sultana, OscarPenrith Cricket Club000100000
525 Colgan, JoeMosman Cricket Club000000100
526 Polkinghorne, BradyBankstown Cricket Club001000100
527 Nishchay, YuvaFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000100
528 Harvey, AdamCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000100
529 Davies, JoelManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000100
530 Singh, TanvirBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
531 Humphreys-Jones, TavishSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
532 Prideaux, Ethan CBankstown Cricket Club000100000
533 Phillips, KalebSt George Cricket Club000000110
534 Huard, LukeSydney Cricket Club001000100
535 Johns, RyanParramatta District Cricket Club001000100
536 King, HarrisonParramatta District Cricket Club000000100
537 Bartlett, Anthony SNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
538 Mullen, DanielWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
539 Hartigan, Jack WSt George Cricket Club000000100
540 Chapman, JackHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
541 Vicary, KyleHawkesbury Cricket Club001000100
542 Coffey, William PNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
543 Jarman, William JParramatta District Cricket Club001000100
544 Hay, Nicholas CUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
545 Kean, CallanPenrith Cricket Club000010000
546 Wines, HenryGordon Cricket Club000000100
547 Fitton, BrockHawkesbury Cricket Club000000100
548 Jamieson, Ethan CUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000100
549 O'Loughlin, LiamRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
550 Shinwari, Mohammad NHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
551 Collins, Michael JPenrith Cricket Club001000000
552 Vohra, ShivamUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
553 Wholohan, Jake MHawkesbury Cricket Club000000010
554 Lomas, ChristopherEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
555 Mariguddi, MandarRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000100
556 Le Lievre, Angus LSydney Cricket Club001000000
557 Sharp, SebastianMosman Cricket Club000010000
558 Hicks, Ryan RHawkesbury Cricket Club001000100
559 Momandi, ModacerBankstown Cricket Club001000100
560 Rinka, JazzSydney University Cricket Club000100000
561 Grove, Simon TFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
562 Multani, HershpreetBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000100
563 Mullen, ThomasSydney Cricket Club001000000
564 Nash, DeklynBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
565 Dummer, CharlieSydney University Cricket Club000000010
566 Barrett, ClancySydney University Cricket Club000100000
567 Kyle, ChristianSydney University Cricket Club000010000
568 Johns, MatthewSydney University Cricket Club001000000
569 Singh, AjaypalParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
570 MacMillan, Evasio RSt George Cricket Club000000100
571 Wijenayake, Ishwa AGordon Cricket Club000010000
572 Narvel, MahsenBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000100
573 Amos, NicholasSutherland District Cricket Club000000100
574 Brien, CooperWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
575 Mitchell, BenSydney University Cricket Club000000110
576 Simpson, MatthewBankstown Cricket Club000000100
577 Cain, HenrySydney University Cricket Club000010000
578 Moran, Matthew MMosman Cricket Club000000110
579 Maladay, Caelan DRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000110
580 Taylor, Ben JBankstown Cricket Club000000010
581 Selverajoo, Sanjit PUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000100
582 Baraba, JoshFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000110
583 Hammond, Guy RWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
584 O'Shannessy, DominicSt George Cricket Club001000100
585 Wikramanayake, RaviBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000100
586 Serra, EricSt George Cricket Club001000100
587 Tanner, Nivek DSydney University Cricket Club001000100
588 Opacic, LukeUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
589 Gholkar, AnvayParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
590 Hayes, TravisBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
591 Tate, KieranSydney University Cricket Club000000010
592 McAvoy, Stirling THawkesbury Cricket Club001000100
593 Hathurusinghe, CullenSydney University Cricket Club000010000
594 Matthews, Darcy WEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
595 Hotham, Callum JWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
596 Weir, CameronPenrith Cricket Club000000010
597 Ganeshkumar, Gokula KBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
598 Kaushik, ShubhamUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
599 Philipson, CodySutherland District Cricket Club001000000
600 Philipson, ZacSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
601 Ritchie, AndrewSutherland District Cricket Club000000110
602 Coady, Thomas JEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
603 Nizama, ZeelHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
604 Kakkireni, HimanshuUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
605 Clark, BrendanBankstown Cricket Club000010000
606 Bladen, CallumGordon Cricket Club000000100
607 Fort, William DSydney Cricket Club000000100
608 Greaves, RexSydney University Cricket Club000000100
609 Sheekey, OliverParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
610 Cavenor, AdamUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
611 Gauci, Daniel JBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000100
612 Weerasingham, ManojBankstown Cricket Club001000000
613 Weerasingham, SanjivBankstown Cricket Club000100000
614 Bansal, VijayPenrith Cricket Club001000000
615 Aldridge, JulianHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
616 Alam, RahidBankstown Cricket Club000100000
617 Gunawardane, KashviParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
618 Dunnachie, EvanManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
619 Dinan, LiamManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
620 Melchiore, JackManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
621 Burinaga, Rhys AUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000100
622 Dhillon, RoopmeharManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
623 Weymouth, BlakePenrith Cricket Club000000100
624 Meppem, RyanGordon Cricket Club000000010
625 Chesterfield, William JBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000010
626 Wheeler, KyleHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
627 Dogra, GauravParramatta District Cricket Club000000110
628 Shaikh, Abdullah ABlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
629 Shaikh, Ali ABlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
630 Appleton, JoshuaSt George Cricket Club001000000
631 Moore, PatrickHawkesbury Cricket Club000000110
632 Ohrynowsky, AlexanderFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
633 Overton, Blair RParramatta District Cricket Club001000100
634 Sunjic, IvanFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000100
635 Beadon, KeiranSt George Cricket Club000100000
636 Kourouche, SteveSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
637 Singh, MansukhBankstown Cricket Club000000100
638 Nanavati, JaiFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
639 Melukote, AryanHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
640 Raza, Mohammad YMosman Cricket Club000010000
641 Attenborough, Jack RUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000110
642 Theodorakopoulos, YianniBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000100
643 Trope, Jonah GEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
644 Revai, BenUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
645 Seward, Joshua WManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
646 Townsend, Harrison PSydney Cricket Club000000100
647 Lans, MaximusSydney Cricket Club000010000
648 Sissian, KodaEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
649 Fair-Townsend, YarranCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
650 Eussen, AntonyWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
651 Winters, ThomasWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
652 Cassell, CharlieSydney University Cricket Club000000010
653 Campbell, LachlanCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
654 Leary, JamesUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000100
655 Thornton, ShaunSutherland District Cricket Club001000000
656 Atlee, ThomasBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000110
657 McDonald, JackSt George Cricket Club000000100
658 Johnson, Andrew RMosman Cricket Club000100000
659 Peschke, Dane WBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
660 Railz, HenryPenrith Cricket Club000000110
661 Hehir, LiamSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
662 Winterbottom, ThomasCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
663 Taylor, AshtonSydney University Cricket Club000010000
664 Merlehan, Izaak RUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
665 Brooks, TomWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000110
666 Gray, MitchellSt George Cricket Club000000010
667 Vane Tempest, ThomasSt George Cricket Club000000010
668 Whalebone, FreddyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
669 Nair, ArjunFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000010
670 Savage, ChristopherUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000100
671 Rosengren, HarryGordon Cricket Club000100000
672 Sherriff, EllisSydney Cricket Club000000100
673 Sharma, YuvrajFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000110
674 Bird, Lachlan ARandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000100
675 Park, JoshMosman Cricket Club001000000
676 Wanzare, YogeshRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
677 James, Jack NUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000000110
678 Deal, EthanSutherland District Cricket Club000000110
679 O'Hare, Luke PPenrith Cricket Club001000000
680 Greenland, SamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000100
681 Deller, WilliamRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
682 Sidhu, MatthewEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
683 Ranjan, DylanGordon Cricket Club000010000
684 Counsell, MichaelManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
685 Brahmbhatt, DhrushilHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
686 Mohanaraj, AbishekParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
687 Roughley, LachlanMosman Cricket Club001000100
688 Lewis, Steven WEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
689 Patterson, NedEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
690 Christy, AntonioSydney Cricket Club000100000
691 Becker, MaxPenrith Cricket Club001000100
692 Morris, Lachlan SPenrith Cricket Club001000000
693 Singh, HarjapanBankstown Cricket Club000010000
694 Russo, NicholasGordon Cricket Club000010000
695 Cooper, JoshManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
696 Biradar, AkashUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100100
697 Brown, PatrickSt George Cricket Club000100000
698 Giumelli, LukeParramatta District Cricket Club001000100
699 Thangiah, MineshFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
700 Lamont, PatrickParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
701 Khare, YashrajFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
702 Devaney, Liam AHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
703 Tunks, Cameron WNorthern District Cricket Club001000000
704 Sangha, TanveerCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000000110
705 White, Spencer FNorthern District Cricket Club001000100
706 Konstas, BillyEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
707 O'Brien, BillyManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
708 Grieve, RoryParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
709 Nikhanj, RitvikFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
710 Murton, Pat DNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
711 Watson, WilloughbySydney University Cricket Club000010000
712 Di Tommaso, JakeBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
713 Roeder, Mitchell GMosman Cricket Club001000000
714 Kwok, Charlie MHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
715 Stofka, Oliver PNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
716 Changela, KunjBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000100
717 Jones, Dean NUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
718 Bhatia, VanshSydney Cricket Club000010000
719 Mathews, AlanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
720 Khalil, AqifMosman Cricket Club000100000
721 Ganesan, CheranMosman Cricket Club000010000
722 Pinson, TomSutherland District Cricket Club000000010
723 Saini, Vishwas KBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000100
724 Reardon, OscarPenrith Cricket Club000010000
725 Xie, PatrickParramatta District Cricket Club000000100
726 Devaney, PaulHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
727 Sethi, LovishWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100100
728 Shaw, Alexander GSydney University Cricket Club001000000
729 Wilson, ReeganPenrith Cricket Club000010000
730 Bermingham, JackWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100100
731 Condon, MaximilianBankstown Cricket Club000010000
732 Parsons, BenjaminGordon Cricket Club001000100
733 Winslade, MitchellRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
734 Whattam, EdsonPenrith Cricket Club000000100
735 Baruah, AnaySydney Cricket Club001000000
736 Gray, JaidenGordon Cricket Club000010000
737 Ahmed, AdilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
738 Evans, ElliotMosman Cricket Club000100000
739 Gray, FinnWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
740 Scoble, Thomas JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
741 Simpson, BradleyBankstown Cricket Club000000110
742 Burkhart, AlexanderWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
743 Weatherall, KieranSutherland District Cricket Club001000100
744 Khan, SandaisWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
745 Handunneththi, BryanBankstown Cricket Club000100000
746 Izzard, LachlanHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
747 Purchase, JacksonBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
748 Gajula, PawanPenrith Cricket Club000100000
749 Singh, TanvirWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000100
750 Graham, Joseph SSt George Cricket Club000000010
751 Chu, KennethEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
752 Holdstock, DylanSutherland District Cricket Club000000100
753 Mahajan, VivekRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000100
754 Kant, DhruvParramatta District Cricket Club000000110
755 Lindsay, HaydenSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
756 Barrett, Hayden JBankstown Cricket Club000100000
757 Webb, JontyNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
758 Radhakrishnan, NivethanSydney University Cricket Club000000110
759 Glen, MaxEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
760 Radhakrishnan, NikethanGordon Cricket Club000000100
761 Viswanathan, VenkatachalamBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000100
762 Beaumont, AngusRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
763 Cameron, William PUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
764 Johnston, CharlieManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
765 Patterson, ThomasCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
766 Ferdinands, RemiBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
767 Edwards, RyanParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
768 Dandyan, AbhijeetHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
769 Dunlop, ReileyManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
770 Camp, Jayden CNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
771 Raina, ArnavBankstown Cricket Club000100000
772 Murugappan, IlankumaranGordon Cricket Club000010000
773 Perera, JohannBankstown Cricket Club000100000
774 Boulton, AndrewManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
775 Sherriff, AddisonSydney Cricket Club000100000
776 Martin, Dylan HHawkesbury Cricket Club001000000
777 Clark, AdenUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
778 Hobson, JackManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100100
779 Kostopoulos, CooperUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
780 Turner, OscarGordon Cricket Club000100000
781 Lennox, JamesPenrith Cricket Club000010000
782 Trewartha, LachlanManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000100
783 Bremer, Reaf ASutherland District Cricket Club001000000
784 Samuel, SanthoshParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
785 Lynch, Ryan TSydney Cricket Club000010000
786 Freeman, RyanBankstown Cricket Club001000100
787 Freedman, NicholasBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
788 Elliott, WilliamMosman Cricket Club000100000
789 Booth, Felix EGordon Cricket Club000100000
790 Shirazi, AmmarBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000100
791 Chan, JamesSydney University Cricket Club000100000
792 Cole, OwenCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000100
793 Penna, BaileyBankstown Cricket Club000010000
794 Long, JaiFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
795 Nati, Jack DNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
796 Singh, NavjotFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000100
797 Mishra, Akshat RCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000100
798 Potter-Jugovac, ConnorPenrith Cricket Club000010100
799 Sethi, RitishWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000100
800 Sapariya, ChintanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
801 Watson, Jordan NPenrith Cricket Club000000100
802 Farrar, NickEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
803 Sutton, LiamCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club001000000
804 Cahill, Aidan PNorthern District Cricket Club000000100
805 Horseman, JackRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000100
806 Canagasingham, ShehanSydney University Cricket Club000100000
807 ********Randwick Petersham Cricket Club000100100
808 Gwynne, JacksonSydney University Cricket Club000000100
809 Rana, AkshitUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
810 Farmer, MaxSt George Cricket Club000000100
811 Everitt, Nicholas LUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000100
812 Basnet, ArashSt George Cricket Club000010000
813 Piggott, Brendon JSutherland District Cricket Club001000100
814 Strange, Victor MSt George Cricket Club001000000
815 BANERJEE, ShuvayuSt George Cricket Club000010000
816 Cisternas, JamesWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
817 Lilburne, RupertEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000110
818 Nolan, RichardSutherland District Cricket Club001000100
819 Kent, Jackson WSydney Cricket Club000010000
820 Cook, Jonathan DWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000010
821 Ninan, RyanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000010
822 Singh, GurattanbirFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000100
823 Williams, Charles DUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
824 Graham, FletcherSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
825 Mills, KieranBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
826 Kerr, Lachlan EManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
827 Jones, MarcusBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000000
828 Sitaramayya, EthanGordon Cricket Club001000100
829 Stening, Hamish FEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
830 Robinson, Max GRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
831 Straker, Tom CSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
832 Hargreaves, TyroneParramatta District Cricket Club000100000
833 Stirling, ScottRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
834 Campbell, BrockPenrith Cricket Club000010000
835 Arena, BillySt George Cricket Club000010000
836 Peters, ArchieHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
837 Calvert, HaydenMosman Cricket Club000010000
838 Anderson, EthanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
839 Fitzjohn, CharlieBankstown Cricket Club000010000
840 Barber, David JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
841 Smith, Matthew JFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000100
842 Reynolds, HamishUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
843 Sharma, ApurvGordon Cricket Club000100000
844 McEwen, ConnorFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
845 Spanos, BrodieCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
846 Nicotra, DanielBankstown Cricket Club000000010
847 Deepak, SadeepRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
848 New, CameronUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000000
849 McGregor, HarryWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
850 Haider, ArfanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
851 Niumataiwalu, DavidSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
852 Towers, StevenEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
853 Abdul, RaheemCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
854 Singh, HarjasBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000110
855 Ul-Haq, IhsanSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
856 Jones, BenjaminSydney Cricket Club001000000
857 Clarke, NathanBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
858 Malhotra, ManishMosman Cricket Club000000010
859 Baxter, Jarod FNorthern District Cricket Club000010000
860 Saddhar, Janbaz SinghFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
861 Sista, SreeWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
862 Suresh, SriramRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
863 Gasson, IsaacCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
864 Powell, DylanSydney Cricket Club001000100
865 Greenslade, JimmyMosman Cricket Club000100000
866 Melville, OliverManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010100
867 Nixon-Tomko, FinnUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000100000
868 Freeman, RyanPenrith Cricket Club000100100
869 Borg, SamuelWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
870 Coutts, JacksonEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
871 Mecham, Luke PSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
872 Singh, Tanush VirFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
873 Singh, IshaanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
874 Guild, DamienWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
875 Ramage, Thomas jBankstown Cricket Club000010000
876 Dilley, BraydenSydney University Cricket Club000100100
877 Lucius, OscarManly-Warringah Cricket Club000100000
878 Segal, JoshuaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
879 Lack, BrettFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
880 Rush, JoelSt George Cricket Club001000000
881 Patel, RohinBankstown Cricket Club000010000
882 Wilson, HarleySydney Cricket Club000010000
883 Weaver, JamieSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
884 Pathania, Sahil SSt George Cricket Club000100000
885 rodrigues, aryanSydney University Cricket Club000010000
886 Bedi, Ronak SSutherland District Cricket Club000100100
887 Totade, Aryan RCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
888 Anandarajah, SanjaySydney University Cricket Club000100100
889 Chandler, Brett MCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
890 Thakur, ParthSydney Cricket Club000010000
891 Bishwakarma, Asmit SinghSydney Cricket Club000100000
892 Kingsell, RileyCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
893 Allison, Kobe SUTS North Sydney Cricket Club001000100
894 Doshi, SmitBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000110
895 Vadalia, Ridham NUniversity of NSW Cricket Club001000000
896 Premkumar, Ashwin MGordon Cricket Club000000010
897 Clinton, Jack AParramatta District Cricket Club000010000
898 Ripps, Bradley DParramatta District Cricket Club001000000
899 Arora, ArmanWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
900 Doshi, PinkuBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club001000000
901 Khan, NabilWestern Suburbs Cricket Club000100000
902 Whittall, TrevorCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
903 Balaguruswamy, NishanthFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
904 Smith, Ryley CPenrith Cricket Club000000110
905 Camp, Brody ENorthern District Cricket Club000010000
906 Graham, JarrodSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
907 Dharmender, DharmenderMosman Cricket Club000100000
908 Bayliss-Smith, LachlanMosman Cricket Club000010000
909 Chandar, GurukrishnaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000010000
910 Chaturvedi, ShivenSt George Cricket Club000100000
911 Isherwood, Adrian JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000010
912 Goodger, CameronSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
913 Leate, PatrickSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
914 Ritchie, Luke JSutherland District Cricket Club000100000
915 Norris, WilliamSutherland District Cricket Club000010000
916 Coombs, DaneRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
917 Brandt, TimothySutherland District Cricket Club000010000
918 Newman, BrettPenrith Cricket Club001000000
919 Lawson, JackSydney University Cricket Club001000000
920 LOHDI, Shahruhk KhanCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
921 Shahid, SubtainBankstown Cricket Club000010000
922 Kisbee, AidenHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
923 Lopes, LucaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000100
924 Iyer, Prahlad SGordon Cricket Club000100000
925 Tebbutt, BaileyPenrith Cricket Club000010000
926 Maskell, Nathan JNorthern District Cricket Club000000010
927 Khan, ZainFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
928 Syed, Bilal ZMosman Cricket Club001000000
929 Oli, AnupMosman Cricket Club000100000
930 Mohammed, JavedSutherland District Cricket Club001000000
931 Storey, HaydenSydney University Cricket Club001000000
932 Duly, Alec LManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
933 Howard, Alex RileyFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000000000
934 Howard, ColbyFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club000010000
935 Khan, BilalWestern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
936 Sapkota, AnkitCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000100000
937 Hussain, AktherRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
938 Singh, AmritpalFairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club001000000
939 Dimond, MitchellBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000000
940 Morrison, HamishEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
941 Ahmed, HammadUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000100000
942 Herft, KobeMosman Cricket Club000000100
943 Herd, Elliott RManly-Warringah Cricket Club000000010
944 Brown, MathewGordon Cricket Club000100000
945 Rochford, AndrewManly-Warringah Cricket Club000010000
946 Tanha, NoorHawkesbury Cricket Club000010000
947 Widerstrom, JamesRandwick Petersham Cricket Club001000000
948 Patterson, OscarGordon Cricket Club000010000
949 Budroo, Nomaan SGordon Cricket Club001000000
950 Gaur, PuruRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000110
951 Ali, QasimMosman Cricket Club000010000
952 Saldanha, Warren JNorthern District Cricket Club000100000
953 Kumar, BaranUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
954 Khan, Daniel NHawkesbury Cricket Club000100000
955 Katter, ShubhCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000010000
956 Bokhari, Nida AMosman Cricket Club000100000
957 Preddey, WilliamEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
958 Jennings, OliverUTS North Sydney Cricket Club000010000
959 Pearson, BlakeBankstown Cricket Club000000100
960 James, KristianEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
961 Prowse, NealManly-Warringah Cricket Club001000000
962 Pathania, ParasSt George Cricket Club000010000
963 Muller, RuanBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000010000
964 Hackney, DaleRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000100000
965 Dasanayake, Don DUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000010000
966 Simpson, EthanSt George Cricket Club000010000
967 Manenti, Harry JSydney Cricket Club000000110
968 Beattie, DermottMosman Cricket Club001000100
969 Lamont, ThomasSydney University Cricket Club000010000
970 Green, MackenzieMosman Cricket Club000010000
971 Clarke, OliverGordon Cricket Club001000000
972 Castle, JacobEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000010000
973 Newman, ShaunEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
974 Towerton, JakeEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000000
975 Toohey, MaxPenrith Cricket Club000100000
976 Ejaz, MudassirBankstown Cricket Club000100000
977 Kulkarni, RonitBankstown Cricket Club000010000
978 Sah, Om PMosman Cricket Club000100000
979 Gordon, JoeEastern Suburbs Cricket Club001000100
980 Elliott, BrettMosman Cricket Club000100000
981 Cox, JordanEastern Suburbs Cricket Club000000100
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.